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Atlas of WW1...

Posté le 07-03-2014 à 20:07:42  profilanswer

Hi all,
I am not new on the forum, this is the first time I post one thread on the English side…
I need advice about WW1 atlas. I am interested in one showing different aspects, of course the battles, but also the political, economic, … angles.  I know that a few are available, most of them seem to have black & white maps, what is not so appealing… In addition, I would like to select one with explanations providing the background of what is represented, not only standalone maps.  
Here is what I have identified so far. Can a member help me to rank them?  
Martin Gilbert – Routlege Atlas of WW1 – 2008 (previous edition at Oxford University Press in 1994) – only B&W
Anthony Livesey – Historical Atlas of WW1 – Henri Holt – 1994 (previous edition as Wiking atlas) – 192 pp. (has it only colour maps?)
Arthur Banks – Military Atlas of the First World War - Pen & Sword Books – 2000 – 340 pp. (out of print, new edition planned for October 2014 – 352 pp.) – only in B&W?
Michael Neiberg – Military Atlas of WW1 – Chartwell Books –2014 –  176 pp. (to be released mid-March 2014)  
Many thanks in advance,

Arnaud Car​obbi
Alc ixh xan
Posté le 14-03-2014 à 23:40:31  profilanswer

Hi Thierry,
J'ai le Arthur Banks, initialement paru en 1975. Ce ne sont que des cartes en noir et blanc avec au final très peu d'explications : quelques encadrés en noir et une page en début de chaque chapitre.

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Posté le 17-03-2014 à 14:19:42  profilanswer

Hi Arnaud,
Thank you for the response and insight about Arthur Bank's work. OK for only B&W maps.
In the meantime, I got Martin Gilbert's atlas. This is the same kind of product - no colour and a few explanations coming along each map - even if Bank's atlas does have twice more plates (340 vs. 165). Nevertheless, information about Theatres of War different from the western front is always interesting, for details about operations and casualties.
What about the other atlas I have listed?

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