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  WELCOME WITH US ! Please read those basic rules...


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WELCOME WITH US ! Please read those basic rules...

Bernard Pl​umier
Posté le 25-09-2007 à 00:28:53  profilanswer

:hello: Welcome to all the english-speaking visitors of that WW1 forum.
We are very proud to enlarge our very active community to other languages, and hope you will appreciate this experience.  
We thank you to respect those simple basic rules :
1. All the messages and further answers in this section MUST BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH OR GERMAN. Messages written in French will be redirected in one of the other categories.
2. Normal politeness in your message highly increase your chances of getting friendly and constructive answers. Hello, good bye, thank you are not expensive words, and they really help.
3. Although dealing with war, our Forum is not a place for fighting... Please remain courteous, and have your personal disputes - if any - on personal media
4. Any discussion on out of scope or unsuitable subjects will be moderated.
Thank you   :)  
The moderation team

Message édité par Bernard Plumier le 27-09-2007 à 04:59:05

"- ... On s'amuse bien : tous les soirs nous enterrons nos copains !"
"La Peur" (en permission) - G. Chevalier

Posté le 22-09-2009 à 04:43:49  profilanswer

Hi Bernard,
This is a great forum.  It is wonderful that you have also created this English and German speaking subforum.

--------------- - mon livre "American Eagles", 400 pages, 225 photos, etc., environs 15 Euros - American Eagles - the Rise of American Aviation in World War I, 1914-1918
Mary Thies
Posté le 07-04-2011 à 03:22:51  profilanswer

Vielen Danke!! I need  some help, please.  My German Grandfather was a POW in France, 12 Sept. 1916 Somme:  Between Allaines and Clery ( by Peronne?) I want to know where he was or  in what camp. His Unit:  Prinz Friedrich der Niederlande: 2. Westfalisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 15, II Bataillon, 8 Kompanie.  He was a POW for 4 years, able to return to Germany in 1920.  Any information would be soo much appreciated.

Posté le 07-01-2014 à 21:45:29  profilanswer

hello Bernard ,  
thank for your explanation but what if I need to ask something I don't know how translate in french ? I am looking for information about " casque Roold " and probably the correct room is the french aviation section .

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  FORUM pages 14-18
  Forum Pages d’Histoire: international forum

  WELCOME WITH US ! Please read those basic rules...